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What is ThermiSmooth Face?

ThermiSmooth Face is a radiofrequency (RF) energy treatment that’s intended to treat fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. It’s usually performed on the cheeks, around the mouth, and on the neck, but it can also treat the forehead and around the eyes.

What are the pros and cons of ThermiSmooth Face?


  • There’s no downtime after a ThermiSmooth skin tightening treatment, so you can resume your daily activities immediately.
  • The nonsurgical treatment is pain-free—all you’ll feel is some warmth
  • ThermiSmooth is safe for all skin tones: because it heats only the skin below the surface, there’s no risk of hyperpigmentation or scarring.


  • ThermiSmooth results are subtle compared to more aggressive surgical skin tightening options, like a facelift or brow lift. A review of literature on radiofrequency for skin rejuvenation found that while 96% of studies reported positive results, only 44% actually showed a statistically significant difference.
  • To yield noticeable, long-term results, you’ll need multiple initial treatment sessions, followed by yearly maintenance sessions.
  • For overall skin rejuvenation, you may need treatments that complement ThermiSmooth Face. While it addresses firmness and elasticity, you won’t see an increase in volume or improved brightness, as you might achieve with injectable fillers or laser resurfacing, respectively.