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Wellness Checkups Specialist

Osceola Gynecology

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Even when you’re feeling fit and healthy, it’s an excellent idea to check in on your health with a wellness checkup. Osceola Gynecology offers comprehensive wellness checkups for women of all ages in Orlando, Kissimmee, and St. Cloud, Florida. Call the practice or use the online scheduling tool to make your appointment today.

Wellness Checkups Q&A

What are wellness checkups?

Wellness checkups provide an opportunity for your provider at Osceola Gynecology to check up on your health. They include elements of a physical exam and well-woman visits, including critical health screenings, birth control advice, and vital sign monitoring. 

You can talk to your provider about any health concerns during your wellness checkup, including your weight, family planning, abnormal periods, pelvic pain, or menopause. The Osceola Gynecology team is committed to helping you lead a healthy and fulfilling life. 

Why do I need wellness checkups?

Wellness checkups are the foundation of preventive health care. These annual appointments allow you and your provider at Osceola Gynecology to review your health and discuss any changes or concerns.

Many health conditions don’t cause noticeable symptoms in their early stages. During your wellness checkup, your provider tests and records your vital signs and performs health screenings that can help identify disease before you have symptoms.

When your provider can identify and treat a potential health issue in its early stages, it can minimize and even prevent disruption to your life. 

What happens during wellness checkups?

After you check in with the friendly and knowledgeable office staff at Osceola Gynecology, a clinical team member escorts you to the treatment area. They check your height, weight, blood pressure, and blood oxygenation and review a few health details. 

Physical exam

Then, you change into a gown and meet with your health care provider. They review your medical history and lifestyle, asking about any new symptoms or changes in your health. Your provider listens to your heart and lungs, feels your abdomen, and looks into your eyes, ears, and throat. 

Your provider also performs some standard neurological tests to evaluate your reflexes, balance, and strength. If necessary, your provider completes any women’s health screenings, including breast exams, pelvic exams, and Pap smears. 

Lab tests

Your provider might also order lab tests like blood panels, urinalysis, or STD tests, depending on your needs. 

After your exam, you and your provider talk about your health and how you can improve it. You might talk about any medication you take or weight management advice. Your provider can also answer sexual health questions.

Call Osceola Gynecology or schedule your wellness checkup online today.